Baha'i Interfaith Event

The Baha'i Community asked us to help them celebrate the 200th anniversary of their founder, Baha'ullah. Many of you know, like us, they truly honor all the world's religions. They are a beautiful faith and we are honored to celebrate with them.

Here is how the festivities will go on October 15 at BOTH our services:

1. Masud Olufani, a special speaker from Atlanta, will speak at both services. Masud is an actor and mixed media artist.

2. Unity band will play Special music.

3. 15 religions have been invited to be recognized at both services. 

4.  Mayor Tecklenberg will read a mayoral proclamation.

5. After the 1115 service, we will clear the sanctuary and host LANGAR, the traditional Sikh luncheon whereby everyone (who can) sits on the floor to eat, illustrating that no one is better than the other. Tables will be provided for those who can't sit on the floor.

Event Date: