Minister Info


Rev. Ed Kosak has been at Unity Church of Charleston now since July of 2002. He took over from founder Rev. MaryAnn Finch (picture below) who was here for almost 20 years.

Ed is a former high school teacher and clinical social worker. He did therapy for 16 years in various settings like drug rehabs, private practice and neuro rehab. Ed is a lover of doing  sports as opposed to watching them. He loves to swim, cycle, walk and does yoga daily.  He was in the Catholic seminary for nine years with the Augustinians.

He found Unity in 1989 when he walked into Unity of Chicago and experienced a wonderful meditation. Walking out the door that day, he consciously said to himself: "I'm gonna be a Unity minister someday!" He was ordained in June of 2002 and has been in Charleston ever since.

Ed's personal mission statement is: "Facilitating the spiritual and emotional transformation of those I serve, and to promote unity in our diversity."

Ed is married to Erin who is a nurse at a local hospital. They have two boys, EJ and Eman.

Our Founding Minister, Rev. Mary Ann Finch:


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