Now is the Time to do Greater Things! shiftshop with Rev. David Hiller

Unity Church of Charleston presents


Now is the Time to do Greater Things!

The Christ said that “We can do all the things that he did and Greater”

2020 will be a very powerful year and is the time to activate that Truth!


Sunday, JAN 5th, 2020


Join Rev. David Hiller for the Service and Shiftshop at 12:30 – 3:30 pm


2535 Leeds Ave. Charleston (843) 566-0600  *Cost $20 

David’s powerful subliminal/auditory CDs will be available for sale.

Imagine – Doing all the things Christ did and greater!


  • Learn how to give and receive powerful laying-on-of-hands healing for self & others

  • Experience the exceptional Oneness Blessing and feel deep inner peace

  • Learn how powerful the subconscious mind is & experience Psych-K 

  • Receive the subconscious Christ belief that “We can do all the things He did & Greater” 

  • Together we will create a 30 day plan to enhance your life, reenergize and soar!



Need some One-on-One time? David is available for private counseling and Psych-K sessions on 

Monday, Jan 6th at $65/hr. Call the church for appointment: (843) 566-0600.  For more information, 

contact David at 843-333-8260 or;









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